My philosophy

There are many ways to support or care for someone. I am an energy healer.

I am not a doctor; I have no right to make a medical diagnosis or to ask you to stop a treatment.

I believe in the value of holistic approaches that take a different and complementary look at modern medicine.

My practice is informed by my personal background and my interest in a wide range of subjects: physiology, reflexology, mediumship, family constellations, neurobiology, anthropology, out-of-body and near-death experiences, dowsing, shamanism, hypnosis, quantum physics and so on.

For me, everything in the universe is energy and vibration, the visible and the invisible coexist, so everything is interconnected.

I don’t claim to belong to any particular school. Some people say I practise a kind of Reiki… I use my hands to feel and channel energy. I also use pendulums and concepts like the Chakras.

I’m convinced that each individual is unique and that there are many ways to achieve well-being. You can heal anything (and you are the one who heals yourself), but no one can heal everything!

However, we can seek to improve our well-being and sometimes, in a mysterious way, when the improvement lasts, we can speak of ‘healing’.

John Demartini (healer)

“It is the greatest energy in the cosmos. It is a state of inner illumination capable of healing and curing diseases of the body and mind. It erases resentment, hatred, feelings of guilt and fears that are the seeds of disease. It is an attitude of transmutation.”

Quotation from the book by Luisa ALBA GONZALEZ: “Healers, messengers of consciousness. The magical power of healing” Apóstrofe, 2003.