Allow 45 min to 1h15

The aim of a session is to establish harmony within your energy structures (chakras, layers, meridians). It aims to re-establish this balance by dissipating the obstacles and stresses that can occur on a physical, mental and emotional levels.


Allow 45 min to 1h15

The session is almost identical to the face-to-face one. However, to be able to take part, you need to give me your photo and date of birth. We can remain in videoconference or not, at your convenience.


You sleep badly, you have headaches… Let’s check whether this is due to the nature of the ground beneath your home (groundwater, geological faults, nature of the rock…).

Send me a map, and I’ll advise you on how to avoid high-risk areas. Then I can come to your home to refine the research.

[Geobiology is a pseudoscience consisting of the esoteric study of the relationship between the environment, buildings and lifestyle and living organisms, of all the influences of the environment on living organisms, and in particular waves linked to magnetic and electric fields, underground water currents, so-called “geobiological” networks, geological faults, etc. (source Wikipedia)].


Want to learn how to use a pendulum?

This course is made up of a choice of modules. You will discover that the ancient practice of dowsing is not magic, and can be used as a tool to help you make decisions or understand things in your everyday life.

You will learn how to use this tool effectively, enabling you, among other things, to perceive and objectify the various vibrations around you.

If you would like to buy a professional-quality pendulum, I can propose many different types.


in-person session


    • During a session, I cleanse your aura, balance your energy centres (Chakras) and work on your different energetic bodies.



  • We agree on a time slot. We may or may not keep in touch. At the end of the session, I will give you feedback and suggest that we review the situation in the days that follow.

Geobiological study

FROM €80 (for individuals)

    • The first step is to work on the plan you give me beforehand (from €80, depending on the number of floors).
    • I can then come to your home to refine the measurements, the advice and the energetic cleansing (€80).
    • You are free to buy me devices that improve the vibratory quality of your home.

dowsing classes

FROM 80€

    • There are several 2-hour and 4-hour formats.
    • You choose the pendulum that suits you best (if you don’t have one, I’ll lend you one).
    • You’ll discover the many and varied applications of dowsing: measurements, research, help with choices, divination, balancing energies, etc.