Radiesthesia  Dowsing

Dowsing is an ancient practice that involves picking up vibrations in our environment using a pendulum, divining rods or simply our bodily sensations.

We are all dowsers, often without realizing it. With a little practice, we can develop this art of feeling.

It makes visible our intuitions, an (invisible) physical reality, and can help us to understand better the surrounding world or guide us in our choices.


“Thanks to daring scientists. The pioneers André de BELIZAL and Léon CHAUMERY, two French physicists from the early 20th century, focused their research on micro-vibratory physics in conjunction with dowsing. They discovered that every object emits a waveform and that, depending on its specificity and particularity, this waveform has an influence on man’s energetic body”. Benoît TRAMBLAY – https://maisonsaine.ca/article?id=27388


“The “Universal Pendulum” (…) receiver and transmitter, it can receive and emit all the vibrations of the spectrum, both visible and invisible. It is a receiver when the hand driving it merely registers its movement, but as soon as the radiesthesist voluntarily imparts a gyration to it, it becomes a transmitter. Its action can then be compared to that of a dynamo producing a current (…) we have fitted it internally with a radiesthesic battery which reinforces the magnetic current by raising the voltage (…)”. Extract from the book: “Essai de radhiestésie vibratoire”. L. Chaumery / A. de Bélizal – Éditions Dervy, 2013, ISBN: 9782844548047.

25 November 2023